January 18, 2012

Heather Nette King - Super Stylist does The Design Files AGAIN!

now this post is going to inspire you to do wonders - if this does not show you that anything is possible with a little creativity and of course a can of paint then nothing will. This is the home of the very very talented Heather Nette King featured today on The Design Files. As you all know I was lucky enough to do some work experience with this talented lady. She leads the way with a paint brush and her ideas are ultra cool - the biggest things I took away from my time with Heather is to not be afraid of paint - the amount of colour/change her walls have seen is truly amazing - its only paint as the old saying goes. The other is to stop talking "about it" and just "do it"...........famous last words. I will be forever grateful for her time with me.

this is Heather's Master bedroom "before" - very cool - mag pictures of roses all different all adhered to the wall. Who said you cant do pink in your bedroom!

this is her bedroom now - rose pictures removed - coat of paint - of course! and a new painting, which I so adore and, look, transformation!

beautiful bentwood chairs painted blue in the dining room

her daughter's bedroom - I want those LOVE pillow cases!

be sure to check out the rest of her house here and her delightful blog is always inspiring.

1 comment:

  1. love her dining room and her daughter's room. I'm a total sucker for horizontal stripes and how cute is the pink deer head! Congrats on the Barry Plant gig!!!!! You are going to be fantastic xx


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