January 27, 2012

Chalk Talk

On My Radar - Layered rugs and mini rugs on chairs (sheep skin!) - I think we are going to be seeing lots of this - I really like it, particularly mixing brights with naturals.

this is the first chalk talk for 2012, it's been a busy start to the year so far and as usual I have lots of plans for my business and where I want to take it - lets just say that patience isn't one of my finer points - I want everything NOW!!!!!
This week I have been working with lots of tradespeople to get some jobs started - The primary school reception area I am working on is coming along famously - all the planning is finally starting to pay off - the plasters have come and gone - the cabinet maker has double checked all measurements, deposits have been paid for furniture - painters have started to weave their magic and the new carpet has arrived - very exciting - should be finished end Feb, not quite in time for school to start, but most of the messy work will be complete. I will post some before and after shots once it is complete.
This week I also debriefed a colour plan to a couple renovating their Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom - The Clients loved the tiles I choose and we tweaked the Kitchen plan on site to ensure all parties were happy - the end result is going to be amazing - one of my favorite parts of this colour plan is the glass splashback in the kitchen - I choose a metallic/pearl colour from Dulux called Gardenia Frost - its going to work perfectly with the Quantum Quartz New Diamond White 40mm bench top.

This week I have also been thinking about my blog - I want to make it a bit easier to navigate and to explain the services I offer - so I am busy working on that. I have also been looking at lots of blogs which has lead me to this:

On the Radar
I plan on keeping my eyes peeled and my feelers out in an attempt to let you know what I think is going to be hot, if its not already!!!! see pic above for the first instalment!

and lastly for those of you who read the fine print, I was interviewed late last year for The Age and I think my interview will appear in the property section of The Age this (whoops, wrong date - next weekend!!) weekend - hope its good! xx

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  1. LoVing the layered rugs for the floor and mini rugs for the chairs. Tres Scandi! Me thinks I will be adopting both ideas this winter...
    Tania Maree xx


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