December 16, 2011

Friday's Chalk Talk

what a busy time of year, I have been going to concert after concert and break up after break up. The last week of school/kinder is bedlam - the kids are exhausted and feral and so am I for that matter. I think it's time for a little rest until the new year.

Pictured above is the house I styled this week - it was listed today - have I mentioned how much I love this work - I get so much satisfaction from actually doing "it" (the moving, lifting and prettying things up) that it doesn't even feel like work at all, although there is quite a bit of manual labour involved.......I got high praises from the agents for this house and I actually will start working for them in the new year - hooray - finally!!!!!! This is something I have been working towards for sometime now - finally a break!!!!!

This week I also started working on the school project - tradespeople arrived, panelling was removed and after all the planning there is a light shining brightly - this project should be complete by mid February fingers crossed. Will post some before photos soon.

Not planning on doing much next week, its time to slow down and get ready for Christmas here, at our place!!!!!!! I have put so many decor books on my Christmas wish list that I hope to be reading them all very very soon.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas - take care and see you all in 2012, it's going to be an exciting year - might post between now and then - who knows!!!!! xxxxxxx


  1. Wonderful work Kylie and a huge congrats on getting the job you so deserve! You are going to be so awesome at it and any client that is lucky enough to get you will benefit so much. I knew it was going to happen for you!!!! Well done xoxoxo

  2. thank you Miss Sheridan - missed you again on Friday - how are you??xxxxx


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