December 02, 2011

Friday's Chalk Talk

five of my favorite things from The Design Files Open House (details below)

collage moodboard - Global influence

where has that week gone.......on Monday night I handed in my last assignment for school for 2011 - I must say that my collage moodboard (above) is my favorite to date and I received a High Distinction for it - wooo hooo!!!! Leah and I headed to the NMIT awards night on Thursday - no recognition for part time students - not very happy Jan!!!!, but there was food and wine there thank god! It was nice to finish the year - I will miss our car trips into school on a Monday night and all the natter we get upto along the way, I love the way we bounce ideas off each other and I am sure we will work together in some capacity in the future!

This week I also ordered some stock for a job I am doing for a school reception area. Some of it arrived today and some is still to come - the project will not be complete until Feb/March next year - but organising the trades and product has been great fun - not to mention seeing it all starting to come together.

Today Leah and I also head to Fitzroy to see the AMAZING Design Files Open House - The House in Little Napier Street Fitzroy is a POP up House - it has been fully decked out in beautiful locally made furniture and artwork by Australian artists/designers. Its all under one roof and everything is for sale!!!!! So many beautiful things, I bought a couple of things, but my favorites are the items numbered above in the first image. I even walked out with a beautiful Emily Green necklace - I have been wanting one of those for sooo long - now it is hanging around my neck. If you think you might like to see it( the house, that is!) - you really should - Lucy Feagins is truly amazing - I saw her today in the flesh today........yeah really!!!!!

The Design Files Open House

40 Little Napier Street, Fitzroy

1 - 4 Dec 2011

details of picture above:

1. Penelope Durston Heart Cushion

2. Lucas Grogan Prints

3. Emma Davis vessels

4. Kirra Jamison Painting

5. Emily Green necklace ( I had to take one of these home!)

This week I also fell in love with a new swatch from Caesarstone, called Creme Brule, I have ordered a sample and plan to put together a kitchen plan using it - will post details soon. ooh, one last thing, today at the Design Files Open House I had serious bathroom envy - I fell in love with this cabinet from Rogerseller- I am going to use this in my very own bathroom reno.......maybe! xxoo enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Kylie I love your Chalk Talks!!! They're so chatty and so you. Without our weekly car rides to catch up and as we get busy over the holidays, I'll be looking forward to Friday's Chalk Talk to catch up on what you've been up to. The Design Files Open House was so divine. What a gorgeous house and a fabulous concept. You know how much I love your mood boards and what you produce for school never disappoints - spectacular work once again xx


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