November 13, 2011

The New Roof

before photos

after photos

What a difference a new roof can make to a house, I mentioned some time ago that we were planning to change our roof here. After much deliberation its time to REVEAL what the finished roof looks like. The colour used was Colorbond Monument - no where near as dark as I thought it might have turned out - dark charcoal really, very very happy with the end result, it does a whole lot of justice to those beautiful bricks. Trim is Colorbond Evening Haze. We also choose to paint the Garage doors Monument rather than a wood stain.


  1. As we too are in the process of doing our new roof, I am extra excited for you having yours done already. Well done & woohoo.

    (-: Linda

  2. It's so amazing what a difference a roof can make! It looked great before but now it has really enhanced the house and made it look so much newer.


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