October 25, 2011

everybody loves a before and after.............

yellow pom pom cushion on order from here

Table Tonic Moroccan Pouffe's making their way here!

the goods arrive in boxes ready for the makeover

The room before the makeover

I am just about to complete a little makeover, its a bit exciting - check out the before pic, some of the makeover items are still on their way........once they arrive it should be complete and ready for the all essential "after" shot....stay tuned.....oooh I do love YELLOW, its the most perfect colour to update a neutral colour palette.


  1. Hi Kylie - found you via Heather's blog. Can't wait to see your room makeover. If you like yellow, maybe check out my OEKE 'Resort' umbrella .. hope you like (-:


    (sorry, does this count as spam - it wasn't intended to be - maybe I should have emailed???)

  2. oooh I love the pouffe - great colour. I can't wait to see the after pics...hurry up and arrive items!!


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