April 06, 2010


OK, it's the first week of holidays, one more week to go and then assignment 1 is due. These pics are taken from my assignment. It's not finished yet, but it will be next week.
We have covered the following topics so far:

Plaster and Wall Finishes
Paint and Wall Coverings

For each topic, we need to submit,a min. 500 word introduction, min. 5 images, a stockist list, which includes pricing etc and answer some questions supplied by the lecturer.
I have really enjoyed all of these topics, in particular,Cement, Wallpaper, and learning about all the types of flooring, my fave would be Bamboo.
Cement is just an amazing material, it can be used in so many applications inside the house - I love it when it is mixed with timber and steel.

1 comment:

  1. Love the bed in the caravan shot! Could be great inspiration for our next AURA shoot!! Where is the shot from?


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