July 05, 2011

when I grow up.....

two of my all time favorite "My Space" features in The Age Melbourne

"THE" most fabulous thing happened to me on Friday, I was having a terrible day, and often when things just aren't going my way I head to blog land for some inspiration and motivation. We all know that I love working with Interiors, its just what I do and I also love styling things up to make them, well, look good!

I am a big magazine and newspaper reader, I not only love looking at the pictures but also reading the finer details/insights into people lives and their homes. Every weekend I eagerly await my copy of Sunday Life in The Age, I love the "My Space" feature. It is written and styled by a favorite of mine Heather Nette King - she is based in Melbourne and is a super star!!!! and guess what.............. I'm going to MEET HER, we are going to have a coffee and discuss Interior Styling - who is the luckiest girl in the word????????? Stay tuned!!!!

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