July 14, 2010

some of my most loved homey things....

I was inspired to try this after reading about it here and here. If I had to set up home all over again, what 12 things would I take (yes only 12!)???, how do you choose? already I feel like i would change the list....
Here is my list in no particular order:
1. my new dog vase
2. white porcelain birds sourced from an op shop and dearly loved by me
3. my grandmothers cooking book, with all her hand written recipes.
4. a Versace butterfly plate given to us as a wedding present from my mum and dad.
5. babushka dolls - just because i love them so.
6. my grandmothers Rosary Beads
7. a photo of my wedding dress
8. engraved cake knife, a gift from my mother in law
9. rubber stamp with my name on it
10.a wooden draw with lots of sections, given to me by a special friend.
11.small blue and white box full of all my precious jewellery
12.my design books
13.this tea light was given to our guests at our wedding
14.a vintage tin filled with all my treasured buttons collected over the years
15.a covered tin, not sure where i got this but it reminds me of my mum.

loved doing this (also gave me the opportunity to practice some of my styling techniques), and like I said, if I was to do the list again it would change tomorrow, it was a really interesting things to try - why don't you try it too?
ps - my list is 15! sorry.

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