March 15, 2010


couple of updates really, I am a little snowed under with my course - trying to get time to get my first assignment completed is proving a little difficult, you see I have this problem - I really only operate around tight deadlines - as much as i hate stress, i really do thrive on it. I'm trying really hard not to leave everything to the last minute, but the last minutes are fast approaching!
At this stage I am doing one subject for the semester - I was hoping that maybe I could do two, but I really can't see that happening right now.
Last week our teacher was back on board and all family accounted for - good news.
We did Metal last week and I am still getting my head around it, actually I am still finishing off Timber and Concrete (which by the way, have I mentioned how much I really enjoyed that!),anyway must get back to it - more updates later!

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