April 10, 2014

inside Amanda's Home

Now, I'm no photographer, but I do know a good house when I see one - this is a girlfriend of mine (Amanda) who kindly let me photograph her stunning home for my blog. I have been lucky enough to help her pull her home together and inject some of her beautiful personality  She loves Bally!!! She is now confident to use colour, mixes old with new, oriental and modern and like every girl I know - she loves a cushion!!!! Her house is not complete, lets face it - when do we ever finish all those "love to do" jobs on our list, but as you will see, she is well on her way! A big thank you to the Jones' for being so lovely and letting us take a peek into their home. xx




1 comment:

  1. Love this Mands! The colours, shapes and styling look amazing. Lucky to have such a talented friend to help you xx


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