April 23, 2013

Master Plan Kit and some lovely feedback

Last week I posted out a Master Plan Kit to a client in Queensland on how to decorate and furnish her entry way -  she sent through her details via email and I pulled together the rest - this is her moodboard. So yesterday I received this lovely email from her, when she received her Kit in the mail.........
Hi Kylie

Finally cleared my PO Box on Friday and we are over the moon with the package! Just as I had hoped, you took a different perspective on the room which was really what hubby and I needed - we had been "too close to it for too long" (so to speak) - you know things are off track when you are arguing heatedly over the size of bookshelves!

Unfortunately my dryer died last week and was closely followed by the washing machine (you wouldn't read about it!) so finances are now a bit at the stretched point - however we did paint the buffet on the weekend (high gloss black) and it looks great! I also "borrowed" a bookcase from my son's bedroom and have painted that in a semi gloss white which we will make do with until we can get the lovely Freedom ones. Funnily enough I actually have a "tram roll" from Print Dolls (or Penny Farthing Design as they are now) which I have been carting around for years - this is the first house I've lived in where I've said "it's shame I don't have anywhere to put this" - well apparently I do - thanks for the tip!
So trips to Matt Blatt, Ikea and Freedom are on the cards over the next few weeks as the bank balance improves - our mind set is now "Wow we are going to do a really good job here" rather than thinking "God where do we start?"
Thanks for sharing your expertise Kylie - it's a great service and I would certainly recommend it (and you!)
Kind regards

moodboard - gOLd ChaLK


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