September 28, 2012

ChALk tALk and the School Holidays!

Gold Chalk loves a ZEBRA!
just when I thought I would be putting my feet up and taking a breather - things have been going crazy, so much to share. I always start off writing these posts and think, "ooh, this one will be quick, but before long, I am left wondering weather I have packed too much into one  punch - I love looking at images on blogs, so this blog is going to be filled with images!!! I have so many on my iphone that its time to delete! but firstly, look what I found:
 Before photo from my latest makeover
after photo!!!!!
key to this makeover -fresh coat of paint, new pendant light, hire furniture/accessories!
reckon it's worth it???? I do!
some holiday DIY, by yours truly!
start with some textured paper and get your sewing machine ready!!

my new light shade !

 bedroom makeover is coming together - planning a big photo shoot for this one - stay tuned!

tight on space? restrict the colour palette and make it shine!
 tea towel love - everyday items don't have to be daggy!

My latest Lux Moodboard for a Client! 
can't wait to share more of this with you over the coming weeks!

some beautiful colour in everyday life!
and Lastly,

for taking the time to stop by and read my blog - I really appreciate it!
happy school holidays everyone! One week down, one week to go!!!


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