December 19, 2011

just received a Liebster Award - thank you!

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up-and-coming bloggers.
Liebster is a German word meaning "dear, or valued, from the verb -lieber- (to love)".

the very lovely Leah author of Celebrated Style has nominated me today - she's the best! I feel fortunate to have met her and know she will be great at whatever she decides to do with interiors (hopefully something with me one day??!) - I love her blog - she is seriously glamorous and her mood boards are very inspirational and well thought out- she has a great eye for Lux - check out her blog! - thank you Leah!

To keep this award going, each recipient must recognize five deserving blogs who have less than two-hundred followers.
here are the rules . .
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Choose five new blogs to nominate and let them know by leaving a comment.
3. Request that the chosen blogs pass the Award on to their favorite five.
4. Copy and paste the award on your blog post.

I'm excited to share my list of five great blogs. . .

1. Heather Nette King

Heather is one amazingly talented lady who was kind enough to meet me and discuss her life as a stylist ( yes me, a total stranger!) - She also let me into her world which was just so amazing and life changing for me - I feel so privileged to have met her and have worked with her on some shoots - she writes and styles the most amazing interiors and I hope to be just like her one day! check out her blog, its full of behind the scenes shots of a real life stylist!

Linda is tops! she is a very busy mother who runs her own business selling the most amazing outdoor umbrella's and also manages to write some really interesting and always original posts. I love seeing what she is doing with her own home and seeing what inspires her along the way - she has amazing taste this shines through on her blog.

I was lucky enough to meet Jane Hall author of this super blog whilst doing some work experience with Heather Nette King. This lady is super focused and stylish - she has just released a fabulous homewares range that is super colourful and ultra chic. Her blog is very down to earth and I love the way she gets in and just does it!!!!! She juggles many balls and seems to do it with such ease.

Lisa is one talented crafter, she can put her hand to anything and makes it work - I have learnt so much from her, she inspires me with every post. Her blog is a must to follow - the way she hand quilts is to die for - she chooses fabrics with the greatest of ease and really puts a personal touch to all the things she makes - check out her great blog for yourself.

Jen from Interiors Addict is one serious interiors blogger/tweeter - she has her nose to the ground, if its worth knowing, Jen knows it. I almost feel like I personally know her!!!! I rely on her for up to the minute interiors news and she usually almost always knows whats happening. She has recently celebrated her six month anniversary with her blog - I am not sure of her followers, but she manages to interview some of the hottest names and still have time for the not so big people - I really love her blog content and find her news/interviews really interesting - you must follow her!


  1. What a super lovely surprise .. thanks Kylie. That is soooo nice AND to be included among the other's - who are all such fantastic blogs, is just even more exciting.

    I love seeing what is on your blog and am looking forward to seeing more projects you do.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for an exciting 2012.

  2. Thanks for the lovely words gorgeous girl. You are most deserving of recognition for your fabulous blog xx


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