August 18, 2011

setting the mood and scaling down the options

this week I have been helping a friend of mine do some decorating to her recently renovated house. The house has been extended and looks amazing, pretty much a blank canvas to start working on. It has been painted Dulux Antique White (always a good choice!!) and now needs some finishing touches. I find the easiest way to do this is to get clients to think about the things they love, use those pieces/colours and then add to them. Bringing colour and texture into an all white interior adds personality and the WOW factor. There are so many choices out there and it is little wonder people get confused. I find by scaling down the choices and documenting a look, a style or even a single piece you like, helps you to stay on track and get the results you want.

Sometimes decorating is also about compromising and taking into account that you usually share your home with other people..........mainly husbands, and that you quite often have to sell you ideas to them. For this particular house the client wanted a green feature wall in her study. We choose an Apple Green color from Bristol - it was fun and sophisticated and looked amazing in the light and airy room, but, and yes there is almost always a but.....her husband did not buy in on it, so we compromised and decided on a Grey wall - Dulux Tranquil Retreat (very popular at the moment) and I suggested a green Eames Chair - happy husband, happy client!!!

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