May 31, 2011

school update and some inspiration

I love a chandelier
a beautiful idea for an "adult goodie bag"
some colour to lighten the mood
all pics from here

it's been a little while since I did a school update, its a little tricky because I am not really doing anything visually or creative in this latest subject, it all about the construction of buildings and lots of attention to detail ( which is not my strong point) drawings......the first assignment was about roof linings and that was quite interesting for me as we are planning to change our roof at home. I got the results back from that and my first exam and I passed both, which was great! The lecturer taking this subject is very witty and she makes it quite enjoyable, she is an architect with lots of knowledge. We only have 4 weeks left of this subject, so that's another one done. I am really loving this course!!!!

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