March 01, 2011

school update

well, this week was a little better than last in terms of excitement levels. Building and Construction is not my idea of creative fun, but it is a requirement of the course and as such I must suck it up and just DO IT!

This week we bought our materials for the course and we are using proper drawing boards and pens and "inking" our drawings. No freehand allowed, only ruled lines and circle templates - gee, I hope I have the attention to detail for this!!! We are going to learn the ins and outs of house plans and follow each stage of the building process. We need to find a new a single story development and follow it from start to finish! I think I have found one in Plenty! I was going to use a construction from here, but they are currently building in Coburg and that's not that convenient to take photos from, is it!!!.

Assignment 1 due next week, guess what I am doing this weekend!!!!

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