February 04, 2011

Colorbond Roofing

I mentioned in an earlier post that I have a roofing project underway, well this week my colour chips and fan deck arrived - very exciting. I had a few colours already in mind, in particular I am drawn to: Monument and Loft, but neither of these two colours are going to work. The colour choice needs to match the style of the house and also the surrounds and not to mention the brick work. In almost all cases it is much easier to design from scratch rather than having to match existing colours - anyway I do like a challenge. The size of the roof also plays a key role in the colour choice, as does the surrounds - for example when choosing a roof colour for a new unit development, you can choose matching or contrasting colours, but if two or more roofs are touching then they must be the same colour for cohesiveness. Brickwork and trim can differ but not roof colour.

The house style is country, that is built with "old reds" and it is trying to be modernised slightly whilst still retaining its original character, there is also lots of wood to work with.

For the roof, the choice has been the very popular "Woodland Grey" and the trim will be "Evening Haze" stay tuned for some before and after photos.

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