November 16, 2010

that's it, zippo, over and out............

well, well, well, I have finished my first year of Interior Design, this year has been a dream come true, I have loved every minute of the course (well, most anyway!!), I have learnt so much, met some truly inspiring people and even made some new friends (yes you Leah!). I would have to say that the work load in this course is horrendous, I have seen lots of people drop out along the way and some near breakdowns. If you really don't love it or have a passion for it, I can see how you could not finish it. I am only 2 subject down out of 14, still a long way to go, but such a big milestone for me, who knows what 2011 will bring!!

take a look at my new project..............


  1. It looks gorgeous! I can't wait! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  2. It has been so lovely to become friends with you this year and you have definately inspired me - thank you! I think we make the work load horrendous because we are such perfectionists lol! Now I know where all the people who are committed to details are - they are interior designers!


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