August 09, 2010

Mr Lincoln

One of my most favorite shops to visit along Gertrude street is Mr Lincoln, I love what I might find when I peep through their front window. On Tuesday, I peeped through their window and found some really inspiring and wonderful stuff, I reached for my camera in my bag and sadly my battery was flat - actually just thinking about it now, I should have used my phone - oh well, there is always next time and there will be a next time. I am fascinated by florist shops, I think this is because my Mother is a florist by trade, I have spent many school holidays in the back of her shops watching her create floral pieces, a real talent in her own right - see, everyone is creative in some way. I have also worked in florists shops whilst at school - and whilst the end product mostly always looks magnificent, the behind the scenes stuff is not always that glamorous, lots of heavy stinky buckets, thorns in fingers, early starts and lots of public holiday and weekend work.
What I love about Mr Lincoln is their focus on sustainability. Sarah and Louise have set Mr Lincoln up to be a completely environmentally friendly business. They avoid excess packaging at all costs – they’ll wrap your flowers in unbleached fabric (which you can return for recycling), and they refuse packaging when buying their stock at the wholesale markets. They recycle all their green waste, and almost all their stock is local (IE from Victorian growers), to minimise the carbon footprint that comes with stock transportation.
When I peeped through their window in Tuesday I saw a lovely big love heart made from discarded toilet rolls, a seat made from cardboard boxing and plastic crates recycled into pot plant holders - such simple, but really creative re-use of products.

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