June 10, 2010

Insight Four - The Design Files!

about a month ago I contacted the very lovey Lucy Feagin from "The Design Files", she is a well respected design blogger and Props Buyer/Set Dresser for the Film Industry in Melbourne (sounds very busy!) - she has one of the best blog I have read and gets to interview and review so many talented and creative people, it got me thinking - I would like to get inside her mind - so I asked her for an interview and she agreed - and here is what she had to say......

1. Where did the idea come from to start “The Design Files”?

When I first started writing The Design Files in early 2008, I was reading a lot of international design blogs such as Design*Sponge, Dezeen, Moco Loco etc… I guess I felt a bit left out as an Australian, as there really weren’t many similar Australian design blogs focusing on local design at that time. I guess I just started out as a way to collect and promote local design news in an international context…

2. In your wildest dreams, did you ever imagine your blog would be so hugely popular?

No! I absolutely had no idea it would snowball in this way – it has been an incredible ride and really a dream come true! Now I just have to keep it up!

3. You interview so many creative people, you yourself are very creative. Do you think there is a common thread to creative success?

Hmmm that is an interesting question. I would say creative success really comes from hard work and perseverance. Of course skill and passion play a huge role, but if you aren’t working hard to create and to promote what you make, even the most talented creatives would be limited in their success.

I know it is cheesy to quote Malcolm Gladwell(!!), but I do believe it’s true what he says about the 10,000 hour rule – that the key to success in any field is a matter of practicing a specific task for many many hours (a total of around 10,000 hours if you want to be specific!).

4. What makes a blog popular or interesting?

Oh there are so many different blogs that are popular and interesting in so many different ways. I guess there are usually a few common threads –

1) posting regularly, ideally everyday.

I made a simple decision early on to post every single day, Monday to Friday, and I do feel this has been I think the single most important factor in the popularity of the site. People visit every day because they know every day there will be something new to discover. :) It is a nice motivation to have!

2) Blogs which research and write original content rather than re-posting from elsewhere on the web.

3) I think the best and most successful blogs all seem to have a distinct and personal voice - blogs like this almost become like a trusted friend to each reader! This is one of the best things about good blogs - that incredible relationship with readers, where they can really trust your recommendations and opinion.

5. Best piece of advice for someone trying to kick start their creative career?

Start a blog! Truly! There is no cheaper, easier way to promote your work, start a relationship with potential clients/customers, track your own progress, reach an infinite group of likeminded people, research your market… if you are a creative person with your own business, there is no excuse not to be blogging!

6. Are you living your dream?

Ahh that’s a sweet question! I guess so… but as soon as I reach a certain goal, the goalposts always seem to move!

I guess if you had asked me a year ago where I would love to see myself and The Design Files going, where I am now would have looked fantastic! But now that I am here… I am already looking ahead for the next challenge!

7. What are you currently passionate about?

Melbourne, design, blogs, travel, cooking and eating good food, trying to find a good work/life balance, my boyfriend!

8. Five words that best describes your decorating style.

Intuitive, contemporary, clean, eclectic, space-conscious(!!)

9. Favourite places to visit locally for inspiration.

A trip to Lamington Drive Gallery in Fitzroy is always interesting and often uncovers new talent, a visit to my friends at Melbourne graphic design studio Ortolan is always inspiring, Cottage Industry is the best for local craft, Husk for their stunning window displays and brilliant textiles… Melbourne’s incredible restaurants and bars are a constant reminder of what a clever creative town this is – Journal and Seven Seeds in the CDB, Supermaxi in North Fitzroy is a recent discovery… and Mr Wilkinson in Brunswick (my boyfriend’s bar!).

10. Lastly, tea or Coffee?

Japanese Genmaicha (roasted rice tea), I am addicted.

A huge thank you to Lucy for her time and thoughts - this has been one of my favorites insights so far.

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  1. I REALLY enjoyed reading this...
    Thanks again!
    Tania Maree xx


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