March 22, 2010

hunter gatherer

this week has been all about gathering and hunting for samples. I have been to a number of retail outlets gathering paint swatches and fan decks, collecting as many "real" samples as I can to better understand the products i am learning about. Since starting my course I have noticed that I am looking at things/places differently, not just passing a fleeting eye over things but trying to guess what the actual product or material is, this also applies to my mags - I am not just flicking through them but really looking at the pictures and reading the blurbs to gain a greater understanding. I was talking to another student in my class this week, Luke - he has just started the course also, he wants to venture down the product development track of interiors, and it got me thinking. All those years of buying and developing products really is interlinked with interior design - I loved my job and on reflection, without really realising it back then, I think it helped with expressing my creative side, I'm loving the way this course and the people are getting my brain thinking - i must say i am really enjoying it.

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