August 03, 2010

everything old is new again????

a good buddy of mine recently asked if I would like all of her old home magazines - I was keen as mustard to get them into my clutches. What I found even more interesting was their relevance to today - some of these mags were 3 and 4 years old and they still had items that are featured in recent editions of these same magazines - I found this amazing, the biggest difference I found was not that the products really change, but rather the styling of those products changes. It got me thinking, good style never goes out of fashion and things are really cyclical, everything does comes back, just with a slightly different slant!

Bright Yellow was a Trend watch - it is this year too!

The ever popular Tom Dixon Copper Pendant light

I spy a plywood Deers Head - just like the one at my place!

Industrial street signage as art!

Moroccan Pouffes, recently revived at Table Tonic, I'd love a couple of Tan ones for our place

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