February 03, 2012

Chalk Talk

it's that time again, time flies when you are having fun!!!! Its been a busy week getting things organised for back to school for the kiddies and its also back to school for me on Tuesday nights.  I am studying two subjects this semester, so I am going to be super busy - hope my teacher is kind to me with homework. It seems like forever since I was there, I am looking forward to starting up again and I am super excited about the two subjects I am doing - more about them next week.
This week the paint job was completed on my latest makeover - now I am just waiting on the furniture to be made and everything should come together.  The school is super excited with hows its all looking and so am I. I must say I was a little nervous to see the completed paint job, always a bit scary when you are changing something so much and using quite a bold colour - but its fun and playful - perfect for a primary school!!!!.
I also received a lovely letter from one of my clients this week - thought I would share it with you, it's so lovely when you deliver a colour plan and the clients are not only happy but excited too!

Hi Kylie
Thank you again for all the work you have put into helping us with our renovation, and I love the choices you have made. I went to xxxxxx this morning to look for the mosaic tiles and I have a couple of samples here for you to look at when you drop off the mood board. Walking into xxxxx just confirmed to me how grateful I am for your help, because I get so confused with all the choices.  I would love for you to come and see how it all progresses and the final result.

On MY Radar......
here are a couple of things that made their way onto my radar this week, as you can see it been a "natural" sort of week, these items would be perfect to add to your home as an update!

Armadillo Rug - Marigold above and Dandelion below
these pillow cases are making there way to my place pronto! and at $60 for a pair - that is a bargain!
available here

lastly these baskets are just what I have been looking for - perfect storage, these three are my favorites - available here

 here's the reception area with a fresh coat of paint and new carpet, and here it is below just before the paint job!  The colour I choose for the wall is Dulux Cronicle - The space has loads of natural light - so it can carry this colour off nicely - we also used Dulux Whisper White on all the other wall - including the panelling.

ooh,and here is one of my colour plans, all boxed and getting ready to be delivered to a client this week.

I did mention yesterday that my blog has had a little spring clean - all my services and prices are now listed,just in time for my interview in the Age this weekend - hopefully!!! - did I mention I am a little nervous???, hope it portrays me nicely! hope you all have a great weekend! 


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  1. Which subjects are you tackling?
    By the way, how do you manage all that???
    Tania Maree xx


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