August 09, 2011

bedroom makeover

I saw this bedroom in an old InsideOut Mag at school last week and fell in love with its simplicity, I especially like the Marrimekko Blind - simple but oohh so effective......

I am working on a little bedroom makeover at the moment, and I have just finalised the colour palette, charcoal, white and a neutral brown with a pop of yellow - very exciting, the room has lacked punch and been a bit of a nothing room, but that is all about to change - before and after pics to come soon. Now that I have decided on the color palette, it a matter of tracking down what I need, I want lots of texture. I stopped buy here, here, and here and even looked on line here, but nothing is jumping out at me just yet, but now that I have my mind set on the colors, I am keen to get it finalised.

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