June 19, 2011

reworking the living room

last week I spoke about a living room revamp that I had been working on - well it would have been handy to take some "before" photos, but at the time of all the excitement, that's the last thing on my mind. Even the after photos need to be professionally taken to realise their true potential. Actually on that note, I have a photographer friend who is going to help me set up my folio, so her and I are going on a photo shoot day, and she is going to capture some of my work so I can start a portfolio, very nice of her. Anyway, back to the makeover, it all started with the purchase of a new TV and went from there. The old rugs were removed, an oriental red side board was sourced along with a cowhide and a rather largish glossy black coffee table. The inspiration for the makeover came from this pic I found and showed them - they loved it, and well the rest is history.................the room looks and feels amazing.

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