April 01, 2011

when it happens, it's like magic.......

my favorite picture from new emag - Est

This week has gone so quickly, I have been helping a friend with some party planning, helping another with her new daughters bedroom, studying for an exam on Wednesday - boo hoo! and lastly but not at all least, debriefing a client on their interior and exterior colours. It's always a little scary, wondering if they are going to like your choices, but when they look at you with a smile and a sense of relief, it's like magic......that's whats been happening to me this week!

In my latest colour plan we used Caesarstone Nimbus in the bathrooms and Almond Rocca in the kitchen with some Dulux Hogs Bristle and Laminex Fossil and Antique White USA walls, very much a neutral palette with a sense of glam!!!!! I can't wait to see what it looks like when its all complete.

this week I also discovered this new emag - Est Australia - it's worth a look!!!

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