August 27, 2010

Real v's Replica

Would you buy an Original over a Copy?
I've been thinking about real V's replica for sometime now. I recently saw a house re-decorated with replica furniture and i was pleasantly surprised.
Do you have a preference or do you even care for that matter? Deep down I think I prefer "real", but i know that that is very limiting - how on earth would you ever be able to afford more than one piece of the real thing???
With this question in mind I decided to head down to Matt Blatt and check things out for myself. Their warehouse is in Richmond, just down from the "old Depot" which is now known as "Precinct". Be warned there is very little parking, but the warehouse is worth a look even if it is only to satisfy your own curiosity. Their on-line store is also worth a visit, but nothing beats being able to touch and feel the actual thing!
The warehouse is huge and there is lots to see and try. I had visions that the quality would be terrible - but i have to say that i really did like some of the items i had been eyeing off on-line. I also liked the fact that in some of the more popular pieces, there was a good, better, best option available, depending on your budget. I didn't realise that you could even buy high quality replicas, that have the same design, same quality and same comfort as the original, but are manufactured in a different country making them much more affordable to the mass market. Architects often recommend replica furniture to their clients who want "the look" without the hefty price tag. And many architects buy replicas themselves because they understand that today,good design and quality do not necessarily go hand in hand with high prices.
The main difference with a replica to an original is that the original will gain in price whilst the replica may one day end up in your hard rubbish collection, and you know what, that's OK, because just maybe by the time that happens it could have well and truly served it's purpose!

Matt Blatt is located at:
24 Cremorne Street

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